In 1984, Mr. Elk Judith, a former KHD engineer founded the Elk Judith Repräsentant Ciment-Groupe Company for the purpose of representing German middle-size companies in the cement industry of North Africa and Middle East. These companies are the original sup-supplier of the cement turnkey constructor. Quality and reliability led to a great reputation in the cement sector, so that many customers began approaching our company with further-reaching requests.

In 2006, Mr. Alexander Judith joints the Company after his study of Industrial Engineering and Management. By this way, we have constantly expanded our field of activities and are presently supplying a whole range of mechanical and electrical equipment for a divers range of industries.

In 2011 we have changed the cooperate legal form and company name.  The Judith Industrial GmbH & CO. KG is a limited partnership company. The head office is located in Cologne, Germany and the company is registered with German court of registration, No. HRA 28389.