Growing energy demand in countries promotes and encourages the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to provide sustainable and environmental-friendly power supply systems. Judith Industrial is an independent contractor for solar power systems. We coordinate all activities during the construction phase. Solar modules, mounting systems, inverters and transformers are delivered, assembled and wired. We provide all services from the very beginning until commissioning and the initial power is fed to the grid.

Free Field Photovoltaic Power

Adapted to suit the local terrain, we design the plants, the type of modules and mounting systems. The exact sequence of plant design and installation is elaborated in detail during this phase. We remain by your side as you reliable partner over the entire project lifecycle.

Off-Grid Photovoltaic Power

Off-grid power systems are an alternative to conventional generators, as they have very low operational costs. Solar systems can be used in rural households and public institutions. In addition to pure solar systems, we can design hybrid solar and backup systems. With hybrid systems, you can combine different energy sources (for example, solar energy, small wind turbines or diesel generators) to reduce capital costs and increase availability. This allows larger consumers such as hotels or hospitals to be assured of permanent and reliable power supply.

Solar roof installations

Judith Industrial plans, designs and implements solar roof installations of all sizes: the roofs of single or multi-family homes, agricultural and public buildings and commercial facilities. We provide expert consultancy – from the initial idea and concept to the final commissioning of the power plant.